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Laboratory Sampling Solutions


Pyrolysis Accessory and Software


The SupraTherm Pyrolysis system is designed specifically for use with FTIR. Unlike a Pulse pyrolysis probe system, the SupraTherm can sample large volumes of materials at slow heating rates to maximize separation of the evolved gases. It can also heat over 50 degrees C / minute over the entire range.

The included SupraSet windows software provides programmable Temperature control and  tracking.  

SupraTherm is a trademark of Simplex Scientific LLC

    Range: Ambient to 900C
    Sample: Fits up to a 15 mm (diameter) X 25 mm (height)   
    Power : 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

    Purge Gas In
    Evolved Gas Out
    Power 24 volts DC

Use for Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) with the TGA Interface Kit

Use cuvette for EGA or coat windows for transmission