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Automated Liquid Handling

The Integrated Pumping System or IPS combines a peristaltic pump with a valve controlled by a microprocessor and connected via USB to a computer.

The standard system comes with a Masterflex L/S Easy-Load 3 Pump head and is compatible with other Masterflex heads for specialized uses.

IPS is a trademark of Simplex Scientific LLC

Integrated Pumping Station IPS

Simplex has developed a number of components that can be used to build a smart automated system for liquid analysis.

The Ultrasonic clip-on Liquid Detection system provides monitoring of the fluids to allow easier programming of an automated system.

The Automated Accessories are software controlled with a number of options for interfacing. Their features can be accessed by the Macros or Scripting language of most Infrared software.

Simplex can also provide custom software solutions. 

Clip on Sensor Detects when Liquid arrives

Current list of autosamplers
   Cetac ASX-560*
   Cetac ASX-280*

* Current Production, available from Simplex

Custom Racks