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Laboratory Sampling Solutions

Simplex Heated Transfer Lines

Simplex supplies Heated Gas and Liquid transfer lines in a variety of configurations for use in a number of applications.

Standard TGA compatible transfer lines heat to 325 C and are available for use with Infrared Gas Cells, Mass Spectrometers and other Analytical equipment.

Easy to operate manual temperature controllers are set by turning the set knob and set point are retained in memory for the next time it is started.

The standard Simplex transfer lines are designed with a number of inherently safe features such as low DC voltage and power limited heaters to eliminate the risk of shock or Thermal runaway. They also feature high flexibility, low weight and have an outside diameter under 1.25 (32 mm) for low stress on TGA furnaces.

In addition to our standard products custom lines can be designed with custom materials, connectors, lengths, diameters, voltages, wattage and temperature ranges. Contact Sales for additional information.

Replaceable Tubing version for 1/8 inch or two 1/16 inch tubes

Even with extended use at 325 C it is safe to touch

Compact easy to connect system.

Self contained version has the controller mounted on the line.